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People often ask me – “what about that area near the Ford Plant?”, usually not knowing it by name. This is the Oakville, Ontario neighborhood of Clearview, a somewhat under appreciated area on the eastern edge of the city. Over the years awareness of real estate in the Clearview area has increased as people began to understand its excellent location, quality housing stock, great schools, and relative affordability vis a vis other areas of Oakville. Although the Ford plant is a major employer in the region, Oakville Clearview homes are definitely in the white collar, executive category. As 2020 begins, we can take a look at last year’s real estate activity in Clearview, and check prices for homes sold in the area – the homes that were placed for sale on the MLS, and how much they sold for. There were 57 firm sales in Clearview during 2019, or approximately 2.5% per cent of the 2200 homes located there. Sales were recorded for all the various types of properties to be found in the district: detached homes, semi-detached homes, freehold townhouses, and linked homes (foundations linked below ground). There are currently no condominiums of any kind to be found in Clearview.

Of the 57 firm sales, there were 35 detached homes sold, 1 semi-detached home, 11 freehold townhouses, and 10 linked properties.

MLS Sales by Type

Freehold Townhouse11


Median selling price for all types was $1,110,000, with the lowest sale of a freehold townhouse coming in at $628,500 and the highest sale of a detached home reaching $1.65 million dollars.

The market remained healthy throughout the year, with the average days on the market reduced to 19 days (the time it took to sell). That’s a terrific number for the type of homes found in Clearview –  more expensive, executive type homes. The average sale to list percentage was an incredible 100% (the average home sold for full asking price!). All figures supplied by the Toronto Real Estate Board.

Sales by Street

Detached Homes:

AddressAsking PriceSold DateBedsBaths
1440 Eddie Shain$750,00005/20/201933
1358 Hazel McCleary$798,80005/26/20193+14
1238 Winterbourne$1,075,00005/06/20194+14
1107 Thoresby$1,080,00008/11/201943
1432 Eddie Shain$1,095,80011/24/201943
2804 Teak$1,098,00001/25/201943
2515 Wynten$1,149,00007/24/201944
1292 Sir David$1,150,00002/22/201944
2928 Redbud$1,175,00005/08/20194+14
1081 Beechnut$1,179,00012/07/20194+13
1175 Gable$1,189,00007/04/201944
2986 Kingsway$1,198,00011/08/20194+15
1065 Lambton$1,198,80001/22/201944
2966 Caradoc$1,199,00005/27/20194+14
1333 Winterbourne$1,199,99906/18/201944
1243 Greenwood$1,200,00009/23/20194+24
1542 Prince John$1,218,00005/14/201944
1341 Winterbourne$1,249,90008/21/20194+14
2823 Huntingdon$1,264,00004/12/201944
1360 Eddie Shain$1,265,00004/13/201943
2987 Kingsway$1,278,00012/04/20194+24
1021 Beechnut$1,285,00010/04/20194+13
1410 Winterbourne$1,288,00003/22/201943
1303 Chedboro$1,296,00007/27/201944
1204 Lansdown$1,299,00006/19/20194+25
2393 Wynten $1,299,00009/11/20194+14
2439 Wynten$1,349,90006/02/20194+14
2990 Kingsway$1,375,00003/19/20194+14
1111 Lansdown$1,389,90006/14/201944
1381 Chalfield$1,429,00006/06/20194+14
2742 Hardy$1,448,88811/06/201944
2795 Guilford$1,449,00006/28/20195+13
1136 Thoresby$1,498,00003/12/201944
2726 Ashridge$1,599,88810/25/20194+14
2948 Sycamore$1,649,50011/01/20194+25

Semi-Detached Homes:

AddressAsking PriceSold DateBedsBaths
1101 Beechnut$815,00002/27/201933

Freehold Townhomes:

AddressAsking PriceSold DateBedsBaths
2384 Springfield$619,90001/16/20193+13
2559 Addingham$665,00003/25/201923
2553 Addingham$675,00007/08/201933
2561 Addingham$689,00002/15/201923
2577 Addingham$699,88803/11/20192+23
2563 Addingham$729,00006/11/201933
2339 Springfield$729,90009/07/20193+14
2913 Redbud$759,90005/10/201934
2340 Springfield$789,90006/11/20193+14
2329 Springfield$824,80005/22/201933
1142 Gable$849,90007/27/201933

Link Properties:

AddressAsking PriceSold DateBedsBaths
2780 Huntington$739,00001/24/20193+14
2564 Addingham$739,00003/29/201934
2785 Huntington$745,00004/06/201934
1441 Eddie Shain$749,00003/08/20193+13
1444 Prince John$749,00004/07/201932
1287 Valerie$749,90004/28/20193+13
2574 Addingham$750,00006/03/201932
1448 Prince John $798,00006/30/20193+13
1450 Eddie Shain$799,90008/26/20193+14
1352 Hazel McCleary$839,00009/24/201933



Clearview Price Appreciation:

2019 data shows a rise in prices of 4% per cent for all property types of Oakville Clearview homes, which shows that a modest recovery is happening from the drop in prices experienced in 2018. Here are the 2019 median prices for this great Ontario neighborhood:

  • Detached Homes = $1,249,900
  • Semi-detached homes = $795,000
  • Freehold Townhouse = $715,000
  • Link properties = $749,500

Detached Homes Prices:

During 2019, the median price of detached homes in Clearview rose by approximately 4% per cent. This is a welcome change from 2018’s downturn, which was directly attributable to government measures to deliberately cool the market. In spite of government meddling, it seems “clear” that Clearview remains a sought after location for home buyers, due to its fine housing stock by quality builders, its nearness to Toronto and Mississauga, and good commuting options via the QEW and nearby Clarkson GO train station. We also believe that the addition of James W. Hill Public Elementary School, after a wait of many years, has added to the attractiveness of the neighborhood for families with children.

To give you some idea of how the market has performed, here are comparison numbers for the past 10 years:

Oakville Clearview house prices 2009 - 2019



2009 = $509,000

2010 = $547,000 (7% increase)

2011 = $590,000 (8% increase)

2012 = $670,000 (13.9% increase)

2013 = $735,000 (9.7% increase)

2014 = $814,000 (10.7% increase)

2015 = $859,117 (5.5% increase)

2016 = $1,138,000 (32.4% increase)

2017 = $1,335,000 (17% increase)

2018 = $1,200,000 (10% decrease)

2019 = $1,249,900 (4% increase)

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