Brampton School Rankings

st thomas aquinas secondary school brampton
St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School Brampton

Best Schools in Brampton

We get a lot of questions as to what are the best schools in Brampton. How are they ranked? Which schools are the best? And which schools are to be avoided?

harold brathwaite secondary school brampton
Harold M Brathwaite Secondary School

Fortunately, today there are a number of organizations which provide rating information. This can help parents to determine the academic performance of their children’s schools.

Three of the most frequently asked questions that we get are:

Q: What is the best high school in Brampton?

A: Holy Name of Mary Catholic Secondary School has consistently ranked highest among all high schools in Brampton, scoring a strong 8.5 on the Fraser Institute ranking score.

See Holy Name of Mary Catholic Secondary School rankings below.

Q: What is the best elementary school in Brampton?

A: Al-Ameen Elementary School and Khalsa Community School both score a perfect 10 on their Fraser Institute rankings. Next is St. Agnes Separate School with a 9.6 score, and Ray Lawson Public School with 8.1

Q: Does Brampton have French immersion schools?

A: Yes, Brampton has plenty of excellent French immersion schools

Fraser Institute Rating System

The Fraser Institute is a leading source for school rankings in Canada. They are an independent international research and educational organization, headquartered in Vancouver, B.C.

They use a specific set of measurements to gauge elementary, middle, and high school academic performance for Brampton, and many other parts of Canada.

The Fraser Institute compilation of Ontario School rankings provides specific data on how students in various schools rate against each other, using defined and specific methodologies.

Their “Report Card” was last updated for high schools in 2019, and for elementary schools in early 2020.

Testing was put on pause during 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope to have updated numbers soon.

It ranks all participating schools in Ontario based on results using standardized tests in the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO).

Test results are ranked within a range up to a perfect score of 10, and these results are then compared to previous years’ scores as well as previous years’ rankings.

Schools are then given a numeric rank based upon their students’ test scores.


Many educators are quick to point out that an academic test such as used by the Fraser Institute is only one measure of school performance.

Peter Cowley, co-author of the report,  has acknowledged that these test scores are only one method of measurement in trying to determine any school’s effectiveness.

“On the other hand, this report card says nothing about fine arts, athletics, french immersion, or how schools develop leadership and citizenship among their students. This will tell parents how students are doing in areas of basic skills in which the province tests them.”

The Brampton school rankings also allow parents to monitor any significant trends for increases or decreases in the test scores, Cowley said.

Accordingly, despite the caveat from many observers that the Report is only a single measure of any school’s effectiveness, parents can nevertheless gain some insight as to the academic credentials of Brampton’s schools, and how they measure up against each other.

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Brampton High School Rankings

holy name of mary catholic secondary school
Holy Name of Mary Catholic Secondary School

Brampton high schools are ranked on the 2018-2019 test results.

First column on the left is the rank of each school against the entire Province of Ontario’s seven hundred and forty seven public, catholic, and private secondary schools.

From this chart, you can see that Holy Name of Mary Catholic Secondary School, which is an all-girls separate school located at 115 Glenvale Boulevard, is the highest rated secondary school in Brampton.

It has been recognized as the top high school in Brampton, coming in at twenty-seventh place out of all secondary schools in the entire province.

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Best High Schools in Brampton

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Provincial RankSchoolRating
27Holy Name of Mary Catholic Secondary School8.5
52Harold M Brathwaite Secondary School8.1
84Khalsa Community7.8
130Cardinal Ambrozic Catholic Secondary School7.5
130Chinguacousy Secondary School7.5
130North Park Secondary School7.5
130St. Roch Catholic Secondary School7.5
180St Edmund Campion Secondary School7.2
209Castlebrooke Secondary School7.1
244Fletcher's Meadow Secondary School6.9
244Louise Arbour Secondary School6.9
261Turner Fenton Secondary School6.8
281Brampton Centennial Secondary School6.7
281École secondaire Jeunes sans frontières6.7
281Mayfield Secondary School6.7
281Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School6.7
330St. Marguerite d'Youville Secondary School6.5
352St. Augustine Catholic Secondary School6.4
391Cardinal Leger Catholic Secondary School6.2
391Central Peel Secondary School6.2
406Sandalwood Heights6.1
440David Suzuki Secondary School5.9
440St. Thomas Aquinas5.9
484Heart Lake5.6
556Jean Augustine5.0
733Judith Nyman0.0

Brampton Elementary School Rankings

st joseph elementary school brampton
St Joseph Elementary School Brampton

There are about 150 public, catholic, and private Brampton elementary schools

The Fraser Institute’s most recent findings on Brampton elementary school rankings and middle school ratings were released in January, 2020, and are based on 2018/2019 grade 3 and grade 6 EQAO results.

When test results between schools ended in a rating tie, school rank is shown as an equal rank (left column).

Some schools are not listed due to not offering both grades 3 & 6.

The following list is a summary of Brampton elementary school rankings, including public and separate (Catholic) school rankings.

Certain private school rankings are not available due to lack of participation in the EQAO tests. The exclusion of a school should in no way be construed as a judgement of the school’s effectiveness.

There are 2 top elementary schools in Brampton that have a perfect score of 10 in academics: the Al-Ameen school, and the Khalsa Community School.

These two schools also score among the top schools in the Greater Toronto area, and indeed, in all of Ontario. Academically, they are definitely among the best elementary schools in Brampton.

ray lawson public school
Ray Lawson Public School
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Provincial RankSchoolRating
1Al-Ameen Elementary School10.0
1Khalsa Community School10.0
27St Agnes Separate School9.6
267Ray Lawson8.1
301Castlemore Public School8.0
346Beryl Ford7.9
346Wali ul Asr School GTA West7.9
392Ingleborough (Elementary)7.8
392James Grieve Public School7.8
449Churchville Public School7.7
577St Jean Brebeuf Separate School7.5
630Eldorado P.S. (Elementary)7.4
630St Kevin School7.4
688Mount Royal Public School7.3
688Sir Isaac Brock P.S. 7.3
688Springbrook P.S.7.3
766Eagle Plains Public School7.2
766Great Lakes Public School7.2
766Walnut Grove P.S.7.2
766École élémentaire Carrefour des Jeunes7.2
824St. Josephine Bakhita7.1
893Bishop Francis Allen7.0
893Mountain Ash (Elementary)7.0
893Our Lady of Lourdes7.0
893Roberta Bondar Public School7.0
893St. Jean-Marie Vianney7.0
893Treeline Public School7.0
893Whaley's Corners7.0
893ÉÉC Sainte-Jeanne-d'Arc7.0
978Castle Oaks Public School6.9
1048McClure PS 6.8
1048Ross Drive P.S. 6.8
1048St Ursula 6.8
1119Holy Spirit6.7
1119Lester B Pearson6.7
1119Shaw Public School6.7
1119St. Jacinta Marto6.7
1277Lorenville P.S. (Elementary)6.5
1277St Joachim Separate School6.5
1338Father Clair Tipping School6.4
1338St Angela Merici6.4
1338St Rita Elementary School6.4
1338St Stephen Separate School6.4
1338St. Alphonsa6.4
1409Good Shepherd6.3
1409St Isaac Jogues6.3
1467St. Daniel Comboni6.2
1467Venerable Michael McGivney6.2
1540Aylesbury Public School6.1
1540Fairlawn Elementary6.1
1540Father C W Sullivan6.1
1540St. Aidan6.1
1540Thorndale Public School6.1
1540Tribune Drive Public School6.1
1617Dolson Public School6.0
1617Robert J Lee Public School6.0
1683St Anne Separate School5.9
1756Our Lady of Providence5.8
1821Our Lady of Peace School5.7
1821St Brigid School5.7
1821St Monica5.7
1871Countryside Village PS5.6
1871Father Francis McSpiritt5.6
1936St Cecilia5.5
1936St Francis Xavier Elementary5.5
1991Georges Vanier5.4
2041Guardian Angels5.3
2041St. André Bessette5.3
2041St. John Henry Newman5.3
2277St Marguerite Bourgeoys4.9
2277St. Lucy4.9
2325Mount Pleasant Village4.8
2325St. Bonaventure4.8
2457St Leonard School4.5
2457St Patrick School4.5
2493Sacred Heart 4.4
2493St John Fisher4.4
2578St Anthony School4.2
2610St Maria Goretti4.1
2678St Mary 3.9
2794Our Lady of Fatima School3.3
2794St John Bosco3.3
2831Pauline Vanier Catholic3.1
2842Sir Winston Churchill3.0
2930St Joseph School2.3

We hope you have found this summary of Brampton high school and elementary school rankings both interesting and useful, with data provided by the Fraser Institute. Some of the best schools in Ontario are found in Brampton.

Fraser Institute Rankings

To view the complete Fraser Institute rankings, covering Brampton school rankings, and much more, visit them online:

Brampton Schools

Here’s a great link where you can find a complete list of public schools in Peel Region:

containing complete school addresses, telephone numbers and interactive mapping for all Brampton schools.

Post Secondary Education

sheridan college brampton
Sheridan College Brampton

Post secondary schools in Brampton include Algoma University, Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson), as well as Sheridan College.


In conclusion, Brampton is a fast growing city with one of the youngest populations in the Greater Toronto Area. There are plenty of families living here, many with children attending school.

Fortunately, the city is blessed with many excellent schools, and this fact is just another reason why living in Brampton has become such an attractive option. Our article is intended to provide you with useful information about the high schools in Brampton, plus the elementary or middle schools located there.

For many people, finding a home in the right school district is a very important part of choosing where to live. We hope you have enjoyed our review of the best schools in Brampton.

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