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Credit Mills is a relatively recent addition to the list of luxury neighborhoods in Mississauga. Largely built during the 1990’s, Credit Mills, while lacking the extensive tree canopy that is found in many of the older Mississauga areas, has something that they don’t have – newer housing stock, with all the incredible luxury features that demanding homeowners want today. Credit Mills homes typically feature luxury touches such as triple (3) car garages, ensuite bathrooms in every bedroom, vaulted ceilings in “great rooms”, incredible kitchens with massive counter and cupboard space, and much more. Credit Mills is technically part of Streetsville, and is nestled between Mississauga Road to the east, and Erin Mills Parkway to the west, with its southernmost boundary at Eglinton Ave where it blends into an area known as The Chase, and its northern edges just south of Britannia Road at McFarren Blvd.

Most Credit Mills homes are newer built, and they are large – often 3000 square feet and up, and they are situated on lots that, while not as massive as those in older areas, still offer plenty of space for growing families.

disclaimer: photos in this neighbourhood profile are for informational purposes only, and are not meant to portray or imply in any way, that these properties are for sale.

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triple car garage in Credit Mills

Credit Mills is a relatively compact area with only a few streets, and with a distinctive look that separates it from other areas of Streetsville and Erin Mills. Driving north from Eglinton along Mississauga Road, the large homes become immediately apparent, and this perception continues as you proceed west along Erin Centre Blvd.

Streets in Credit Mills

Credit Mills homes can be found on streets such as Erin Centre Blvd., Forest Hill Drive, Manor Hill Drive, Robinwood Court, Silverwood Drive, and Barbertown Road. There are several small court locations with some of the biggest, and most expensive homes – Tiffany Court, Hilton Court, and Rothesay Court, to name a few. There are a few forested areas, such as Bonnie Brae Park, Erin Woods Park, and F.B. McFarren Memorial Park, providing welcome respite from the urban experience of life in the city.

credit mills bungalow
Credit Mills bungalow

New Home Construction

While the majority of homes in Credit Mills were constructed during the 1990’s, there are still a few lots where builders are active. If you are looking for a top real estate agent in Credit Mills , we can help to you find these opportunities. See the form at the bottom of this page for more info.

House Prices

Credit Mills homes are not in the budget range. Nevertheless, this exclusive neighbourhood has enjoyed steady activity during the past year, with 17 firm sales reported through the Toronto Real Estate Board MLS during 2022:

AddressAsking PriceDate Sold
5177 Amana $1,950,00008/12/2022
5161 Frybrook$2,399,90011/23/2022
5171 Rothesay$2,400,00011/27/2022
4908 Forest Hill$2,449,00001/26/2022
5266 Forest Ridge$2,498,00008/08/2022
2170 Manor Hill$2,600,00012/21/2022
2251 Rosegate$2,678,00008/14/2022
5351 Forest Ridge$2,858,00003/07/2022
2233 Robinwood$2,990,00005/27/2022
5097 Montclair$2,995,80006/09/2022
1925 Royal Credit$2,998,80008/28/2022
5197 Elmridge$2,999,00009/29/2022
2182 Robinwood$3,088,00011/04/2022
2146 Robinwood$3,188,00001/25/2022
5103 Royal Mill$3,188,00008/03/2022
5338 Hilton$3,388,00007/28/2022
5182 Amana$3,999,99901/21/2022

Additional Stats for Credit Mills in 2022:

Average Asking Price: $2,862,853

Average Sold Price: $2,726,170

Average days on the market: 25

Average percentage Sold Price to Asking Price: 95%

You can see that prices have ranged between approximately $1.9 and $3.5 million dollars for these luxury homes. When you compare prices of these large homes to other premium areas in Mississauga, Credit Mills is comparatively a good bargain, especially when you consider that these newer properties include so many of the luxury features that older homes do not . Adding to the attractiveness of the area is its good location -commuting time to Erin Mills Town Centre shopping mall is about five minutes by car, and to the Credit Valley Hospital also about five minutes away. Credit Mills is situated nearly equidistant between the 401 and 403 highways, making commuting relatively easy. The nearest GO Train station in the area is Streetsville, on the Milton Line. Credit Mills is also blessed with excellent schools, including John Fraser Secondary School, which is one of the highest ranked schools in the Greater Toronto area, and indeed in all of Ontario. 

Mississauga luxury real estate 

Thus ends our short overview and photo tour of Credit Mills homes, containing some of Mississauga’s finest and most expensive properties. We hope you have enjoyed the tour, which completes part 6 of our ongoing series on the luxury neighbourhoods of the City of Mississauga. For more information on Credit Mills, see below.

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