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Oakville Clearview is one of three neighbourhoods in Southeast Oakville,( Ward 3), and it boasts two elementary schools located on Kingsway Drive – St. Luke Catholic school, and the new James W. Hill public elementary school.  According to the Statistics Canada 2006 census, Clearview has a population of 7280.  Over the past 20 years, Clearview’s population has consistently exceeded the Town of Oakville’s projected population forecast, which projected an “ultimate population” of 6000. This article provides a short overview of the Oakville Clearview schools which are available to residents. First, a little background info on the area:

Local Demographics

DEMOGRAPHICS: In Clearview 33.7% of the population are in the 0-19 age group, compared to the overall Oakville total of 28.4%.  Only 4% of the population falls within the over 65 age group compared to the overall Oakville total of 10.9%.

Location in Oakville

LOCATION: Clearview is located in the extreme eastern end of Oakville, and it is bordered by the QEW to the north, Winston Churchill Blvd. to the east, Royal Windsor Drive to the south, and Ford Drive to the west.

Type of Neighbourhood

TYPE OF NEIGHBORHOOD: The community consists of just over 2200 homes, with many executive detached properties, along with some link homes, and freehold townhomes. The typical detached home in Clearview has 2 storeys, 4 bedrooms, and a double car garage; size is anywhere from about 2400 square feet to 3700 square feet and larger. The link homes and freehold townhomes are smaller, and can be terrific starter homes for young families. Much of Clearview was built in the late 1980s and early 1990’s, by such prestige builders as Kaneff Homes, and others.

Parks in Clearview

PARKS: There are many parks and open greenspace areas such as Clearview Park, Wynten Way Park and Kingsford Gardens, which are all connected by the Avonhead Ridge Trail.  Clearview Woods is located across the street from Kingsway Park.

Schools in Oakville Clearview

St. Luke Catholic School

St. Luke Catholic school is one of two elementary schools actually located within the boundaries of Clearview. St. Luke is located at 2750 Kingway Drive, and offers classes from kindergarten to Grade 8.

St Luke Catholic Elementary School Oakville Clearview

St Luke Catholic Elementary School Oakville Clearview

Access more info here on St. Luke Elementary School..

James W. Hill Elementary School

James W. Hill Elementary school is a public elementary school located at 2860 Kingsway Drive. For many years Clearview had no public elementary school, and when James W. Hill was finally opened in September of 2010, it was a cause for celebration in the neighborhood. This school enjoys a high ranking and a top notch reputation in Oakville, and it offers junior kindergarten to grade 8, as well as a full French immersion curriculum from grade 2 to grade 8. James W. Hill Elementary School also has a branch of the Oakville Public Library on the premises.

Access more info on their website: http://jwh.hdsb.ca/

James W Hill Public Elementary School Oakville Clearview

James W Hill Public Elementary School Oakville Clearview

To check out how St Luke and James W Hill compare to other Oakville schools, see our complete list of Oakville school rankings.

High Schools in Oakville Clearview

Students are bused for high school classes, as both the Public and the Catholic high schools are located outside of Clearview.

St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School serves the Clearview neighborhood. Located at 124 Dorval Drive, it offers grades 9-12

 Oakville Trafalgar High School

Oakville Trafalgar High School is the public high school which services Clearview. It is located at 1460 Devon Rd., and it offers grades 9-12, plus a full french immersion curriculum.

There are also a number of private schools in Oakville, which are readily accessible to Clearview students.

Oakville Clearview Schools – List

1.) Elementary James W. Hill PS site rank
2.) Catholic Elementary St Luke site rank
3.) Secondary Oakville Trafalgar site rank
4.) Catholic Secondary St Thomas Aquinas site rank
5.) Private Appleby College site N/A
6.) Private John Knox Christian site N/A

We hope you enjoy our overview of Oakville Clearview schools. There are many other reasons to consider this part of Oakville:

Commuting: One of Clearview’s best attractions is its close proximity to both the QEW highway and the Clarkson GO Station, making it an easy commute to places anywhere in the GTA.

Shopping: Clearview offers terrific shopping options, with a major mall located at Southdown Road and Lakeshore Blvd, as well as nearby supermarkets such as Longo’s located at Trafalgar Road and Dundas.

Places of Worship: Clearview offers a wide range of options, as with all areas in the Greater Toronto Area. There are several nearby mosques and temples, as well as several churches, including the Clearview Church Oakville.

House Prices: Another very attractive aspect of Clearview is its relative affordability compared to many other neighborhoods in the town of Oakville. Oakville Clearview delivers an upscale, executive lifestyle at a price that may be slightly less than other areas of Oakville.

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