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port credit marina lighthouse
Lighthouse Port Credit Marina

Port Credit

Explore Port Credit, a popular historic waterfront neighbourhood where the mouth of the Credit River meets Lake Ontario. It has a lively commercial area along the Mississauga lakeshore with many boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants, and pubs.

The Port Credit waterfront features a marina with a picturesque lighthouse.

port credit harbour mississauga
Port Credit Harbour Mississauga

Port Credit is a popular tourist destination in the Greater Toronto Area. The neighborhood has a bucolic, resort-style vibe that resonates with many people. It is one of the most sought after areas on the lakeshore in Mississauga. Port Credit is a charming lakeside village located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. There are lots of Port Credit attractions for locals and tourists to experience, including beautiful parks, a marina, and a vibrant downtown area with shops and restaurants. Experience the beauty of Lake Ontario and immerse yourself in the rich culture of this picturesque Canadian town.

Port Credit BIA

Here’s a great talk we recently had with Emily Miszk, a Director of the Port Credit Business Improvement Association (BIA). Topics include the history of the area, what’s currently happening, and future developments.

Where is Port Credit?

Port Credit is located along the northern shore of Lake Ontario. It’s eastern boundary extends past Hurontario St. to roughly Seneca Ave. It’s western boundary is just past Shawnmarr Rd.

The main east-west CN railway tracks mark its northern edge, and the shores of the lake define its southern edge. It’s not a particularly large area, but it is packed with sights to see.

The Credit River runs a dividing line through the heart of the town, with the Port Credit Harbour acting as a focal point for the entire south Mississauga region. 

Port Credit is an extremely safe area where you will feel comfortable walking day or night.

The population of Port Credit is 27,430 as of March, 2022.

Port Credit has dozens of excellent restaurants offering many of the world's cuisines.

How Far is Port Credit from Toronto?

The distance from Union Station in downtown Toronto to Port Credit is approximately 19.5 km.

This neighborhood in Mississauga is blessed with good options for commuting. It has easy access to both highways and the local commuter rail network.

Lakeshore Road West runs right through the heart of town, and it, along with the parallel nearby Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) Highway, can take motorists into downtown Toronto in around 25 minutes.

There are actually 5 different ways to get from Toronto Union to Port Credit.

  • Go Train – travel time 26 minutes
  • Bus – travel time 28 minutes
  • Streetcar – travel time 90 minutes
  • Taxi – travel time 25 minutes
  • Car – travel time 25 minutes

Port Credit GO

Rail options are also good. Many local residents are within walking distance of the Port Credit GO Station, just north of the intersection of Lakeshore and Hurontario Street. This is a transportation hub of South Mississauga, linking both the city’s public transit system (“MiWay”), and GO Transit.

The area is expected to get even greater access to transportation options in the next few years with the construction of the Hurontario light rail transit (LRT) project, which will eventually be called the Hazel McCallion Line, to commemorate the former Mississauga mayor.

The north-south Hurontario LRT will have 19 stops from the Brampton Gateway Terminal, south to Square One, and from Square One to Port Credit GO station.

This new environmentally friendly transportation option will give local residents easy access to the other rapidly growing areas of Mississauga and Brampton, including Toronto Pearson International Airport. The new line is set to open in 2024. 

local BIA located in the lighthouse
Port Credit Business Association

History of the Area

Port Credit has a rich history dating back to the early 1700’s when the region was initially settled by the Mississauga Ojibwe First Nations.

The location became used as a meeting place between the Mississauga band and European traders. The Mississaugas named the river Missinhe or “trusting creek”.

Why is it called Port Credit?

To the European traders the mouth of the river was known as “Port Credit”. This was because a trading post had been established in 1720, and many goods were traded or bought on credit.

The first permanent structure built by the English at the site was the Government Inn (1798–1861), on the east bank of the river. The Inn was designed to serve as a way station for travellers by land and lake, and it was leased to a succession of residents until its destruction by fire.

In 1805, the Mississauga band gave up much of the surrounding lands, but retained the Credit River. After the War of 1812, the numbers of Mississauga dwindled and they gave up their lands except for a reserve at the mouth of the river.

Outside the reserve, the village of Port Credit was formally established in 1834. Parcels of land were sold to settlers by the natives and the Port Credit Harbour Company, which developed the harbour, was jointly owned. The harbour was a working fishing port and a trading centre for grain and other products.

The Lighthouse

A lighthouse was in use from 1882 to 1918 and remained standing until destroyed by fire in 1936. The current Port Credit Lighthouse was constructed in 1991.

By 1846, the population was about 150. Large quantities of agricultural products were being shipped from the port, and vessels were being built here.

The coming of the railway created huge changes for Mississauga Port Credit.

The area became known for its “stonehooking” trade. Other industries such as the St. Lawrence Starch Works and the Port Credit Brick Yard were major employment centres.

In 1932 an oil refinery was estqablished on the site of the old brick yard and this was operated continuously until its closing in 1985.

From the early 1900s, with the development of the railway and Lakeshore Highway, Port Credit became a popular summer destination for people looking to find an escape from city life in Toronto.

Port Credit officially became a town in 1961. It did not amalgamate with other nearby areas when the Town of Mississauga was created from the former Toronto Township in 1968.

The town of Port Credit would remain independent until it was incorporated into the City of Mississauga in 1974.

The scenic harbor was redeveloped into a marina and is now the largest marina in the region.

In recent years, there has been a lot of development on the lakeshore in Mississauga with new retail, commercial, and residential projects.

Is Port Credit a Good Place to Live?

port credit marina boats
Harbour Boats on a Summer Day

Port Credit is an attractive destination for many people. If you are just starting your family and want to get some distance from the big city bustle of Toronto, this area is a great choice.

With its proximity to the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) highway, Gardiner Expressway combination, plus regular rapid GO train service from Port Credit GO Station to Union Station (Toronto), you can still get into the city with relative ease, but you get the benefits of being in a less densely packed area that is close to the lake.

Port Credit is also perfect for homeowners who are looking to downsize, especially with all the new condos being built.

Whether you are downsizing to a smaller space or just looking to declutter the space you already have, self-storage can be a great solution. Storwell Self Storage is providing discounted pricing to visitors from this website.

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Things to do in Port Credit

This is a lively neighborhood that is jam packed with interesting events and places to visit.

The commercial strip that is the “main street” of the neighbourhood runs along Lakeshore Rd. W., and most shopping and dining options are to be found here.

The most recognizable structure in Port Credit is the iconic lighthouse on the corner of Lakeshore Rd. W. and Front St. The Port Credit Lighthouse is still operational and it is the home of the local BIA and Tourist Bureau.

Just east of the lighthouse you will find the Port Credit Harbour Marina, which is beautiful place to enjoy the view of the lake and watch the many motor and sail boats that pass by.

The Port Credit Yacht Club provides many activities for boat owners and non boat owners alike. The Yacht Club runs many races throughout the summer months.

If you prefer to stay on dry land, the lakeshore in Mississauga has over 225 kilometers of scenic walkways and trails that take you through the beauty of the surrounding area.

boats in port credit marina
Boats at Port Credit Marina with Toronto in the Distance

While many activities in the neighborhood are centered on the water, there are plenty of other things to do in Port Credit.

Farmer’s Market

Every Saturday morning from June to October you can visit the Port Credit Farmers Market for fresh fruit and produce.

For the last 23 years, Memorial Park has been home to the Tim Horton’s Southside Shuffle Blues & Jazz Festival. In 2018, the 3-day music festival was recognized at the Mississauga Arts Council’s Awards Gala held each May, receiving the MARTY award for “Mississauga’s Best Festival”.

Over the years, the festival has grown to encompass two ticketed main stages, and two free stages featuring continuous entertainment throughout the weekend. It’s one of the biggest attractions to experience each year.

The Mississauga Waterfront Festival is another annual music festival held here.

It started off with only 7,000 visitors in 1998 but has quickly expanded to an average of 50,000 visitors per year. Aside from the wide variety of musical acts, the festival also hosts educational programs focused on topics such as endangered species, health and wellness, and conservation. 

Port Credit Restaurants

Port Credit has a large number of great restaurants offering many different types of cuisine. Many are to found along the commercial strip that is Lakeshore Road.

Some excellent Italian eateries:

Maranello Café

Papa Guiseppe’s

Posta Italbar Cucina

(outdoor seating facing the marina)


Colossus Greek Taverna

A great place for Burgers & Breakfast:

Bobby’s Hideaway


Raw Aura Organic Cuisine


Snug Harbour Seafood Bar and Grill

(near the Port Credit lighthouse; outdoor patio seating right on the harbour)

Pub Dining:

Pump House Grille

Brogue Irish Pub

Crooked Cue


Burrito Boyz

One of the original locations of this GTA favorite

El Jefe

Huevos Gourmet


Sunset Grill

(one of the nicer locations of this chain)

Bakery with sandwiches and pizza:

(Buddy Valastro’s Cake Boss Port Credit location)

Carlo’s Bakery Port Credit

These are just a few of the many great restaurants in Port Credit.

Micro Breweries

There are actually two excellent micro breweries in the area. One within the town:

The Old Credit Brewing Co.

and one just outside the official town boundary:

Stonehooker Brewery

Both offer tours, sampling, and retail sales.

Parks and Recreation

port credit parks

This part of Mississauga not only has a wonderful view of Lake Ontario and the Credit River, but it also has several great parks to explore allowing you to reconnect with nature.

Several of the Top 20 parks in Mississauga are Port Credit parks.

JC Saddington Park has a children’s playground and access to the Waterfront Trail that goes along the edge of Lake Ontario and is a perfect place to take walks in the evenings.

To the north, you will find Port Credit Memorial Park on Stavebank Road. Memorial Park has several fields, a children’s playground, and a skatepark with obstacles built to accommodate a variety of different skill levels. Right next to the park there is the Port Credit Memorial Arena, which has a well-maintained ice rink and amenities.

Nature lovers and gardeners can also find one of Canada’s largest public rhododendron gardens nearby.

The Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens are located on the western edge of the town and have a dazzling array of azaleas and rhododendrons surrounded by white pines, perennials, and shrubs.

While the garden is open year-round, the best floral displays happen between May and June.

port credit harbor promenade

Port Credit Schools

The strong school system is one of the main factors that draws families here. The Peel District School board operates several schools in the neighborhood and its surrounding areas.

Port Credit Secondary School located on Mineola Road is the public high school in the area, and it is highly ranked.

The school receives top marks from the Fraser Institute, a nonprofit organization that tracks academic performance for schools across Canada.

Check out our detailed information on Mississauga school rankings.

The Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board serves the area with two Catholic high schools that also have excellent ratings. Iona Secondary School has a catchment area west of the Credit River, and St. Paul Secondary School serves everywhere east of the river.

The public elementary schools in the area that received high marks from the Fraser Institute include:

  • Kenollie Public School
  • Forest Avenue Public School
  • Riverside Public School

The private school, Blyth Academy has a campus on Enola Avenue, which is another excellent option for your child’s education. 

Port Credit Real Estate

Real estate in the area is some of the most sought after in all of Mississauga. The residential areas here are a mix of detached homes and midrise apartment buildings, comprised of both rentals and owned condominiums.

The housing stock here is primarily on the older side. Average age of most properties ranges between 40 and 60 years.

For its relatively small size, Port Credit offers a good variety of housing types within its borders. Throughout 2022, there was an active market for detached homes, semi-detached, and freehold townhouses.

Real Estate Prices in Port Credit

During 2022, there were 41 detached homes sold through the MLS system, plus 7 semi-detached, 1 freehold townhouse, 1 duplex property, 1 triplex, and 2 vacant land sales. We can look at sales for detached homes:

Average Asking PriceAverage Selling PricePercentage

And here’s a complete list of detached homes which sold in Port Credit Mississauga in 2022.

AddressAsking PriceDate Sold
53 Elmwood$1,079,00012/14/2022
36 Bay$1,324,00010/20/2022
13 Pine $1,374,00008/12/2022
6 Wesley$1,375,00004/28/2022
36 Maple$1,400,00001/15/2022
23 Port$1,438,00006/02/2022
202 Queen$1,498,80002/26/2022
73 Onaway$1,499,00005/19/2022
12 Harrison$1,499,90004/05/2022
39 Mississauga$1,599,00010/14/2022
21 Pine$1,599,90001/07/2022
897 Eighth$1,600,00009/30/2022
72 Onaway$1,649,00003/16/2022
38 John$1,649,90001/04/2022
22 Woodlawn$1,680,00008/10/2022
33 Pine$1,699,00010/09/2022
483 Avonwood$1,799,00002/25/2022
23 Mohawk$1,799,90011/22/2022
28 Mohawk$1,849,90007/12/2022
25 Pine$1,850,00001/28/2022
28 Pine$1,850,00001/28/2022
65 Onaway$1,850,00012/19/2022
16 Minnewawa$1,895,00004/11/2022
5 Harrison$1,899,99906/30/2022
16 Minnewawa$1,950,00010/31/2022
29 Hiawatha $1,999,90010/20/2022
5 Wanita$2,000,00005/11/2022
10 Wanita$2,000,00005/13/2022
19 Rosewood$2,049,00004/11/2022
19 Onaway$2,195,00007/31/2022
17 Elmwood$2,198,00007/20/2022
24 Pine$2,200,00003/03/2022
44 Oakwood $2,298,00004/11/2022
35 Maple$2,299,90007/14/2022
6 Wanita $2,325,00005/19/2022
36 Benson$2,399,00008/09/2022
49 Ben Machree$2,999,85010/24/2022
65 Wanita$3,288,00005/12/2022
61 Wanita$3,299,00003/20/2022
8 Hiawatha$3,499,00003/09/2022
63 Oakwood$4,999,99912/18/2022

In addition to these “freehold” properties sold in 2022, there were also 88 condominium properties sold, of which 37 were townhouses, 50 were condo apartments, and 1 was a co-op apartment. Check out our review of Port Credit Condos.

New Condo Development

The residential housing stock is currently mostly single family homes, but the growth in condos is accelerating. There are new projects being built and completed on a regular basis, but all that will pale in comparison to what is coming soon.

There is a major mixed use development currently under construction at Lakeshore Road West and Mississauga Road. This waterfront condominium complex will be called Brightwater and will comprise of multiple buildings on 72 acres of land right next to Lake Ontario.

The development will have many amenities including extensive waterfront green areas, a beach, plus significant retail and office space. Once complete, Brightwater will be home to over 5000 new residents.

Residents will get a full array of luxury features including a community shuttle bus to the GO Station.


Port Credit is one of the best places to visit in Mississauga. With its beautiful waterfront and marina, excellent selection of houses and condos, strong school system, and resort-like feel, this beautiful area along the Mississauga lakeshore has become a popular landing spot for both home owners and renters alike.


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