Erin Mills Condos

erin mills condos
Erin Mills Condos near Eglinton Ave W and Erin Mills Parkway

Over the last 15 years there has been a wealth of new condo construction in both Erin Mills, and Central Erin Mills. These are two separate areas as designated by the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB), but for the purposes of this article, we will combine the two.

The dividing line is highway 403. South of the highway is classic Erin Mills, and north of the highway is Central Erin Mills.

Condos in Erin Mills

  • 1665 The Collegeway
  • 1700 The Collegeway
  • 1800 The Collegeway
  • 1900 The Collegeway
  • Eagle Ridge – 2155 Burnhamthorpe Rd W
  • Eagle Ridge – 2177 Burnhamthorpe Rd W
  • 3170 Erin Mills Parkway
  • 3501 Glen Erin Dr

Condos in Central Erin Mills

  • The Arc – 2520 Eglinton Ave W
  • 2560 Eglinton Ave W
  • 4655 Metcalfe Ave
  • 4675 Metcalfe Ave
  • 2560 Eglinton Ave W
  • 4640 Kimbermount Ave
  • 4879 Kimbermount Ave
  • 4889 Kimbermount Ave
  • 4633 Glen Erin Dr
  • 4655 Glen Erin Dr
  • 4677 Glen Erin Dr
  • 4699 Glen Erin Dr
  • 4850 Glen Erin Dr
  • 4900 Glen Erin Dr
  • 2545 Erin Centre Blvd
  • 2565 Erin Centre Blvd
  • 2585 Erin Centre Blvd

Many of the most recent buildings are near Erin Mills Parkway and Eglinton Ave W, near the Erin Mills Town Centre Shopping Centre. Two builders have been active in the area – The Daniels Corporation, and Pemberton.

We hope you have enjoyed our summary of condos in Erin Mills.

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Erin Mills Condos
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