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Best Schools in MississaugaJohn Fraser Secondary School

Updated information on Mississauga school rankings is now available which can help parents to determine the academic performance of their children’s schools. Two of the most frequently asked questions can be answered:

Q: What is the best high school in Mississauga?

A: John Fraser Secondary School has consistently ranked highest among all high schools in Mississauga, scoring a strong 8.7 on the Fraser Institute ranking score.

Q: What is the best elementary school in Mississauga?

A: Al Risala, IQRA Islamic, Khalsa School Malton, and Safa & Marwa are four elementary schools in Mississauga who all scored a perfect 10 on their Fraser Institute rankings.


The Fraser Institute is a leading source for school rankings in Canada. They are an independent international research and educational organization, headquartered in Vancouver, B.C. and they use a specific set of measurements to gauge elementary, middle, and high school academic performance for Mississauga, and many other parts of Canada.

The Fraser Institute compilation of Ontario School rankings provides specific data on how students in various schools rate against each other, using defined and specific methodologies.

Their “Report Card”, recently updated for elementary schools in 2019, ranks all participating schools in Ontario based on results using standardized tests in the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO). Test results are ranked within a range up to a perfect score of 10, and these results are then compared to previous years’ scores as well as previous years’ rankings. Schools are then given a numeric rank based upon their students’ test scores.

Many educators are quick to point out that an academic test such as used by the Fraser Institute is only one measure of school performance, and indeed Peter Cowley, co-author of the report,  has acknowledged that these test scores are only one method of measurement in trying to determine any school’s effectiveness.

“This report card says nothing about fine arts, athletics, french immersion, or how schools develop leadership and citizenship among their students. This will tell parents how students are doing in areas of basic skills in which the province tests them.”

The Mississauga school rankings also allow parents to monitor any significant trends for increases or decreases in the test scores, Cowley said.

Despite caution from many observers that the Report is only a single measure of any school’s effectiveness, one can nevertheless gain some insight as to the academic credentials of Mississauga’s schools, and how they measure up against each other.

Mississauga High School Rankings


John Fraser High School Rankings

High school ranking results at this time are based on the 2016-2017 test results. First column on the left is the rank of each school against the entire Province of Ontario’s seven hundred and forty seven secondary schools. Second column is the average overall provincial rank over the past five years. From this chart, you can see that John Fraser Secondary School at 2665 Erin Centre Boulevard is the highest rated secondary school in Mississauga, and it is one of the best high schools in Ontario, ranking nineteenth out of all secondary schools in the entire province. John Fraser Secondary School has consistently ranked at or near the top for all high schools in the city since it opened, and today it holds on to the title of  the best high school in Mississauga.

Provincial Rank  Rating Score 
2016/2017Last 5 years (average rank)
Last 5 years (average rating)
19n/aJohn Fraser8.7n/a
2522St. Marcellinus8.68.5
33n/aThe Woodlands8.5n/a
4732St. Aloysius Gonzaga8.28.4
6861Our Lady of Mount Carmel7.97.9
84n/aCawthra Park7.8n/a
84n/aLorne Park7.8n/a
97n/aGordon Graydon7.7n/a
11578St. Francis Xavier7.67.7
130262St. Paul7.56.5
130n/aPort Credit7.5n/a
156104Philip Pocock7.37.5
196n/aRick Hansen7.1n/a
196n/aStephen Lewis7.1n/a
217120St. Joseph7.07.4
246120St. Famille6.97.4
259120St. Martin6.87.4
259136John Cabot6.87.3
259n/aApplewood Heights6.8n/a
276148St. Joan of Arc6.77.2
380231Father Michael Goetz6.26.7
445314Ascension of Our Lord5.86.2
669n/aTL Kennedy4.0n/a
705n/aSafa & Marwa3.1n/a
711n/aLincoln M Alexander2.8n/a
737n/aWest Credit0.0n/a

Mississauga Elementary School Rankings

St Helen School Mississauga


The Fraser Institute’s most recent findings on Mississauga elementary school rankings and middle school ratings were released in January, 2019, and are based on 2017/2018 grade 3 and grade 6 EQAO results. When test results between schools ended in a rating tie, school rank is shown as an equal rank (left column). Some schools are not listed due to not offering both grades 3 & 6. The following list is a summary of Mississauga elementary school rankings, including public and separate (catholic) school rankings. Certain private school rankings are not available due to lack of participation in the EQAO tests. The exclusion of a school should in no way be construed as a judgement of the school’s effectiveness. There are 4 top elementary schools in Mississauga that have a perfect score of 10 in academics: the Al-Risala school, the IQRA Islamic school, the Khalsa School in Malton, and the Safa & Marwa school. These four schools also score among the top schools in the Greater Toronto area, and indeed, in all of Ontario.

St Mark Separate School Mississauga

Rank  Rating  
2017/2018Last 5 (Avg.) School 2017/2018 Last 5 (Avg.)
1n/aAl – Risala10.0n/a
1n/aIQRA Islamic10.0n/a
1n/aKhalsa School Malton10.0n/a
1n/aSafa & Marwa10.0n/a
23n/aOlive Grove9.6n/a
32n/aSt. Rose of Lima9.4n/a
34n/aIQNA Islamic9.3n/a
47n/aSt. Helen9.1n/a
47n/aSt. Mark9.1n/a
102n/aJohn XXIII8.7n/a
102n/aSt David of Wales8.7n/a
123n/aSt John of the Cross8.6n/a
144n/aSt Matthew8.5n/a
163n/aSt Edmund8.4n/a
163n/aSt Therese of the Child Jesus8.4n/a
194n/aSt Bernard of Clairvaux8.3n/a
213n/aSts Martha & Mary7.8n/a
250n/aAl-Manarat Heights8.1n/a
250n/aSt Richard8.1n/a
284n/aSt James8.0n/a
334n/aOur Lady of Good Voyage7.9n/a
388n/aSan Lorenzo Ruiz7.8n/a
388n/aSt Timothy7.8n/a
495n/aForest Avenue7.6n/a
495n/aOur Lady of Mercy7.6n/a
495n/aPlum Tree Park7.6n/a
495n/aSt Christopher7.6n/a
495n/aSt Edith Stein7.6n/a
495n/aSt Thomas More7.6n/a
559n/aDivine Mercy7.5n/a
559n/aSt Elizabeth Seaton7.5n/a
559n/aSt Herbert7.5n/a
622n/aChrist the King7.4n/a
622n/aSt Dominic7.4n/a
622n/aSt Jerome7.4n/a
681n/aSt Gregory7.3n/a
681n/aSt Sofia7.3n/a
681n/aSt Veronika7.3n/a
740n/aSt Simon Stock7.2n/a
796n/aSt Albert of Jerusalem7.1n/a
796n/aSt Basil7.1n/a
796n/aSt Louis7.1n/a
865n/aHorizon Jeunesse7.0n/a
947n/aSettler’s Green6.9n/a
1024n/aQueenston Drive6.8n/a
1024n/aSt Barbara6.8n/a
1024n/aSt Francis of Assisi6.8n/a
1024n/aSt Raphael6.8n/a
1024n/aSt Sebastian6.8n/a
1171n/aSt Catherine of Siena6.6n/a
1171n/aSt Clare6.6n/a
1171n/aSt Hilary6.6n/a
1171n/aSt Jude6.6n/a
1171n/aSts Peter & Paul6.6n/a
1171n/aTony Pontes6.6n/a
1246n/aSt Joseph6.5n/a
1322n/aSt Bernadette6.4n/a
1322n/aSt Luke6.4n/a
1400n/aAll Saints6.3n/a
1400n/aCanadian Martyrs6.3n/a
1470n/aCorpus Christi6.2n/a
1470n/aFather Daniel Zanon6.2n/a
1549n/aQueen of Heaven6.1n/a
1549n/aSt Faustina6.1n/a
1616n/aMcBride Avenue6.0n/a
1616n/aMetropolitan Andrei6.0n/a
1686n/aLe Flameau5.9n/a
1686n/aMiller’s Grove5.9n/a
1686n/aSt Teresa of Avila5.9n/a
1686n/aSt Valentine5.9n/a
1769n/aShelter Bay5.8n/a
1769n/aSt Charles Garnier5.8n/a
1769n/aSt Philip5.8n/a
1844n/aBishop Scalabrini5.7n/a
1844n/aBlessed Terea of Calcutta5.7n/a
1844n/aSt Margaret of Scotland5.7n/a
1921n/aSt Raymond5.6n/a
2157n/aSt Julia5.2n/a
2157n/aSt Vincent de Paul5.2n/a
2210n/aPlowman’s Park5.1n/a
2263n/aCashmere Avenue5.0n/a
2263n/aMary Fix5.0n/a
2263n/aSt Pio of Pietrelcina5.0n/a
2315n/aHoly Cross4.9n/a
2361n/aSt Gerard4.8n/a
2400n/aSt Alfred4.7n/a
2560n/aMaple Wood4.3n/a

We hope you have found this summary of Mississauga high school and elementary school rankings both interesting and useful, with data provided by the Fraser Institute:


Fraser Institute Rankings

To view the complete Fraser Institute rankings, covering Mississauga school rankings, and much more, visit them online:


Mississauga School directory

Here’s a great link where you can find a complete list of schools in Mississauga:


containing complete school addresses, telephone numbers and interactive mapping for all Mississauga schools.

Post Secondary Education

Post secondary schools in Mississauga include the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus, as well as Sheridan College.

University of Toronto Mississauga Campus Inuksuk Statue
Inuksuk style statue at entrance to U of T Mississauga

Mississauga has long been blessed with excellent schools, and this fact is just another reason why living in Mississauga is such a pleasure. For many people, finding a home in the right school district is an essential part of choosing where to live.

Update: Special Report on schools in Streetsville

If you are looking for a home in a certain school district, just drop us a line, and we can help make the process much easier for you

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Mississauga School Rankings
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