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Is Clarkson a Good Area?

Clarkson, Mississauga, sometimes known as Clarkson Village, is one of the original areas of Mississauga. It is located south of the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) highway, with Winston Churchill Boulevard on its west border, and a somewhat indefinite dividing line east of Southdown Road, on its eastern flank. On its southern edge are the shores of Lake Ontario.

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Vandyk Craftsman condos Lakeshore Rd W

Clarkson is a part of Mississauga that was largely built in the 1970’s.

This part of Mississauga offers a combination of small town boutique shopping and suburban style housing. There is a range of neighborhoods within Clarkson that provide affordable budget homes, as well as extremely high end luxury homes.

Schools in the area are excellent, and commuting options include the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) highway and the Clarkson GO Station on the Lakeshore line.

The original Town of Clarkson gets its name from one of its very first settlers, a man named Warren Clarkson, who arrived in the township in 1808 and remained there till his death in 1882. This part of what we today call Mississauga,  was first referred to as Clarkson’s Corners and boasted a general store and post office, run by the Clarkson family.

Map of Clarkson, Mississauga

Local Attractions

There are plenty of great attractions in Clarkson.

Bradley Museum Log Cabin

bradley museum

Clarkson was originally renowned for its orchards, particularly for apples and strawberries, and was considered at one time to be the ‘strawberry capital of Ontario’.

You can visit several heritage areas and museums, such as the Benares Historic House and the Bradley Museum. Lucky visitors to the Bradley Museum can occasionally spot a herd of wild, whitetail deer in the neighbouring forest.

Address: 1620 Orr Rd., Mississauga, ON. L5J 4T2

Phone: 906-615-4860

Rattray Marsh Conservation Area

rattray marsh

Clarkson has some of the best parks in Mississauga. Near the top of the list is a serene and relatively untouched protected nature area called the Rattray Marsh Conservation Area , which is located on the northern shore of Lake Ontario.

Renowned for its undistrurbed wetlands, wildlife, birdwatching, scenic pathways and boardwalks, the Mississauga Rattray Marsh Conservation Area is also bordered by a very special area of residential homes.

The houses surrounding the Rattray Marsh are highly sought after, and those in the area directly adjacent of the marsh, known as the Rattray Park Estates, are some of the most exclusive in the GTA.

Streets such as Meadow Wood Rd. and Watersedge Rd. boast mansions to rival those of the ‘rich and famous’ anywhere in Canada. There is very little turnover in the Rattray Marsh area of Mississauga, as most people who move there, rarely want to leave!

For directions, see: Rattray Marsh Trail Map.

Rattray Marsh Address: 660 Bexhill Road, Mississauga, ON L5H 1A8

Phone: 1-800-367-0890


Clarkson GO Station

clarkson GO station

Clarkson has a GO train station, providing direct access to Union Station in downtown Toronto via the Lakeshore West line.

There is also extensive Mississauga MiWay Transit bus service throughout Clarkson with multiple lines feeding into the GO station, and providing access to the main hub at Square One.

The Erin Mills Parkway / Southdown Road interchange of the QEW provides convenient access to this major highway, and Ontario Highway 403 is also nearby.

The main roads in the Clarkson area include Lakeshore Road West, Southdown Road, Clarkson Road, and Truscott Drive.

Address: 1110 Southdown Rd, Mississauga, ON L5J 0A3

Phone: 1-888-438-6646


As of 2024, Clarkson’s population is approximately 28,300 people, and it is part of Mississauga’s overall population of approximately 765,000.

The majority of Clarkson residents own their own homes (77%) with 86.9% of adult residents having completed high school, and 32.8% of adult residents holding a university or college degree. Clarkson has excellent schools, and you can read more here in our article on Clarkson schools.

The average household income of Clarkson residents is $102,064 and the area boasts a 5.0% unemployment rate.

As with most of Mississauga, Clarkson can be identified as a highly multicultural area, with visible minorities including Arabs, South Asians and Chinese.

Statistically, the average house in Clarkson has 3.4 bedrooms, and the average household consists of three people per home.

The average age of Clarkson residents is 43, which is 8% higher than the Mississauga average of 39.9.

Clarkson Real Estate

At the top end of real estate options in Clarkson, there is an expensive and exclusive residential neighbourhood bordering the natural wetlands area known as the Rattray Marsh, with some of the finest homes available in a unique natural setting.

If you are interested in living in Clarkson, the real estate there offers a lot of very attractive benefits to the savvy buyer: mature neighbourhoods with tall trees, spacious older homes with large lots and plenty of character.

Newer subdivisions just can’t match the lot sizes, parkland, and proximity of Lake Ontario, to name just a few of Clarkson’s many features. Although the homes are older than some of the newest subdivisions, most have been updated and treated with loving care throughout their lifetimes.

Quite simply, it’s a great area, with relatively affordable housing stock for young families (with one exception, as we will see). Clarkson has also been recognized as one of the best places to invest in Canada.

Real Estate Market 2023

Clarkson has a good variety of housing types within its borders, and from the point of view of the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB), incorporates a wide range of housing types at various price points.

For the purposes of this page, we will only be focusing on detached home sales in Clarkson.

2023 was another year of reduced demand in the residential real estate market. All aspects of the market in the Greater Toronto Area have been affected.

We have witnessed a significant drop in activity and a drop in prices for all housing types: detached homes, semi-detached, freehold townhouses, condominium townhouses, and condo apartments.

Over the past year in Clarkson, there were 113 single family detached homes sold through the TRREB MLS system, which was down slightly from 117 in 2022, and down much further from the 161 sales recorded in 2021.

In 2023, the average sale price for a detached single family home was $1,677,777, which was 99% of the asking price.

This was down from the previous year, where the average sales price was $1,806,248. That’s a drop of $128,471, or 7.2%.

The average time it took to sell was 19 days, almost the same as the 20 days it took in 2022 (i.e. days on the market).

Detached Single Family Home Prices

Average Asking PriceAverage Selling PricePercentage
AddressAsking PriceDate Sold
2403 Bonner $899,90011/02/2023
2537 Constable$959,90008/24/2023
1341 Ludbrook$999,00004/24/2023
1464 Lewisham $999,00005/28/2023
2547 Bromsgrove$999,00006/27/2023
1268 Canvey$998,00008/08/2023
2616 Bromsgrove$999,88808/01/2023
1352 Epton$999,99908/06/2023
1400 Lewisham$1,029,90004/14/2023
1250 Tredmore$1,098,00003/27/2023
2647 Truscott$1,099,90010/19/2023
1471 Thetford $1,100,00005/10/2023
2673 Constable$1,100,00009/21/2023
2544 Chalkwell$1,149,80012/17/2023
2626 Birch$1,149,90005/18/2023
2223 Utley$1,150,00004/03/2023
2413 Bonner$1,150,00008/14/2023
2604 Truscott$1,157,00005/04/2023
2710 Truscott$1,157,80005/03/2023
2004 Ambridge$1,179,90009/27/2023
1361 Ludbrook$1,189,00005/13/2023
2122 Truscott$1,189,90006/02/2023
2660 Bushland$1,190,00003/03/2023
1842 Balsam$1,195,00009/09/2023
1520 Karenza$1,197,00008/08/2023
1446 Ithaca$1,199,00005/11/2023
753 Fletcher Valley$1,199,00003/29/2023
1967 Davebrook$1,199,00005/31/2023
2555 Birch$1,199,00005/30/2023
1789 Christophe$1,199,99902/15/2023
1587 Bothwell$1,199,99904/19/2023
2143 Truscott$1,199,99908/12/2023
1997 Truscott$1,229,00005/11/2023
2765 Bushlandl$1,230,00007/28/2023
2582 Birch $1,249,00010/12/2023
2193 Truscott$1,249,88804/17/2023
1257 Tredmore$1,249,99912/05/2023
2202 Utley$1,250,00004/05/2023
1342 Canford$1,250,00004/13/2023
1481 Lewisham$1,250,00004/17/2023
1965 Barsuda$1,250,00003/28/2023
1812 Truscott$1,279,00004/06/2023
1604 Robillard$1,279,00006/03/2023
1323 Boulder $1,279,00008/21/2023
2594 Bromsgrove$1,288,00003/27/2023
1539 Thetford $1,289,00003/03/2023
1310 Epton$1,289,00010/10/2023
2564 Lundigan$1,295,00006/13/2023
1954 Foxcroft$1,298,00009/11/2023
1880 Hindhead$1,299,00002/28/2023
2108 Hartington$1,299,00004/24/2023
1350 Lewisham$1,299,90005/24/2023
1671 Springwell$1,299,90011/22/2023
1447 Ithaca$1,325,00004/12/2023
2138 Truscott$1,329,00002/09/2023
1939 Lenarthur$1,329,00011/20/2023
1887 Carrera$1,349,90005/31/2023
1915 Delaney$1,349,90010/10/2023
2027 Delaney$1,350,00004/23/2023
2117 Barsuda$1,385,00008/04/2023
1419 Boulder Creek$1,389,00004/18/2023
2694 Constable$1,389,00004/26/2023
1232 Canvey$1,389,30004/20/2023
1949 Lenarthur$1,389,90003/18/2023
1697 Missenden$1,399,00002/09/2023
985 Southdown$1,399,00003/21/2023
1329 Halkirk$1,399,00003/18/2023
2611 Benedet$1,399,90007/28/2023
1939 Balsam$1,485,00004/29/2023
2816 Constable$1,491,00005/20/2023
1785 Pattinson$1,500,00008/29/2023
1204 Welwyn$1,550,00002/12/2023
1989 Lenarthur$1,575,00003/06/2023
942 Fletcher Valley$1,580,00008/25/2023
1115 Feeley$1,599,00002/10/2023
1979 Lenarthur$1,629,88806/21/2023
1843 Fellen$1,648,80003/09/2023
1722 Truscott$1,674,99905/15/2023
857 Fletcher Valley$1,750,00004/07/2023
1713 Valentine$1,775,00006/12/2023
772 Wylan$1,799,00004/17/2023
1673 Valentine$1,799,00007/23/2023
1452 Petrie$1,848,00011/21/2023
1671 Missenden$1,849,00005/17/2023
849 Calder$1,899,00003/30/2023
870 Baltimore$1,975,00004/20/2023
744 Glenleven$1,988,00006/13/2023
822 Catcay $1,995,00010/21/2023
725 Bexhill$2,000,00003/09/2023
740 Bexhill$2,100,00007/20/2023
1321 Gatehouse$2,100,00012/05/2023
993 Porcupine$2,248,88804/27/2023
945 Meadow Wood$2,250,00012/31/2023
713 Nautalex$2,298,00005/12/2023
742 Cardinal$2,499,00005/04/2023
914 Silver Birch$2,500,00006/27/2023
833 Calder$2,549,00006/21/2023
784 Perseden$2,550,00004/18/2023
1357 Clarkson$2,580,00010/17/2023
948 Bexhill$2,649,90005/09/2023
393 Country Club$2,699,99907/18/2023
1216 April$2,849,00006/01/2023
1649 Angela$2,888,00005/15/2023
1500 Marshwood$2,950,00002/03/2023
511 Rattray Park$2,988,00009/22/2023
746 Parkland$3,195,00002/20/2023
1638 Stonehaven$3,488,00005/16/2023
474 Bob-O-Link$3,700,00012/31/2023
579 Bob-O-Link$3,750,00009/07/2023
832 Parkland$3,990,00006/03/2023
1286 Gatehouse$3,999,90011/21/2023
489 Rattray Park$4,423,80006/04/2023
458 Meadow Wood$6,188,00008/08/2023

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