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Franklin House

Streetsville Mississauga

Streetsville is a historic neighbourhood located in the northwest part of of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. It has roots going back the the early 1800’s.

heritage building in mississauga built 1821
Montreal House, heritage building in Mississauga, built circa 1821


Streetsville is a charming, historic village located near the Credit River in northwest Mississauga. It’s both a tourist attraction and a neighbourhood that offers a unique blend of modern amenities and old-world charm.

With its picturesque streets lined with charming homes, landmarks, restaurants, and independent local businesses, this neighbourhood is the perfect place for anyone looking for a sense of community and a slower pace of life.

Where is Streetsville?

As you can see from the above map, the village of Streetsville is located in northwest Mississauga. Its boundaries are roughly Britannia Road W. in the north, to Eglinton Ave. W. in the south. It closely follows the path of the Credit River, although most of Streetsville is located on the west side of the waterway.

Rich History

One of the defining characteristics of this part of Mississauga is its rich history.

Originally settled in the early 19th century, the neighbourhood has managed to maintain its original character and charm despite the rapid development and growth of the surrounding city. There are historic buildings in Streetsville dating as far back as 1821. The “Montreal House” pictured above is Streetsville’s oldest surviving building, and the oldest commercial building in all of Mississauga.

In fact, Queen Street South, which is the main street of the village, is one of the few remaining examples of a 19th-century settlement in the GTA.

Today, this street is a hub of local boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants, and small businesses. It’s a popular tourist destination for locals and visitors alike.


Streetsville was its own town prior to the 1974 amalgamation that formed the City of Mississauga, and it has vigorously maintained its small town charm by retaining a large number of heritage buildings in the town centre.

Transit Options

For commuters, Streetsville is well connected to highways 403 and 401. For public transit, there is frequent local bus service along Queen St. S.

Transportation options also include the busy Streetsville GO Train station, which is a stop on the Milton line. It is within easy walking distance of the main commercial area.

go train station streetsville
Streetsville GO Station

queen street streetsville summer flowers
summer flowers on a sunny day

Dining Options

If you’re a foodie, you will love Streetsville. With its diverse mix of local restaurants and cafes, this neighborhood has something to offer for everyone. From classic pub fare and wood-fired pizza to exotic international cuisine and specialty coffee shops, there’s a dining experience to suit every taste.

The area is also known for its numerous local bakeries and cafes, which offer a variety of fresh baked goods and pastries.

Streetsville Memorial Park

Another key attraction in the neighborhood is Streetsville Memorial Park. This beautiful park is the perfect place to take a stroll, enjoy a picnic, or simply relax and take in the natural beauty of the area.

With its extensive network of trails and the Credit River flowing through it, Memorial Park is a great place to get in touch with nature while still being close to the city.


For those looking for a sense of community, Streetsville could be a good fit. The neighbourhood is home to a tight-knit community of residents who are passionate about preserving the area’s heritage and character.

Whether it’s through local events, community initiatives, or simply chatting with neighbours, tihs village is a place where everyone feels like they belong.

As of 2023, the population here was approximately 70,000 people, and it is part of Mississauga’s overall population of approximately 750,000.

The majority of residents here own their own homes (85%) with more than half of adult residents holding a university or college degree. The area has excellent schools, and you can read our review here: Schools in Streetsville.

The average household income of residents here is $124,255 and the area boasts a 5.6% unemployment rate.

As with most of Mississauga, nearly half of local residents are identified as visible minorities including East Indians, South Asians and Chinese. Statistically, the average house here has 3.4 bedrooms, and the average household consists of three people per home.

The average age of residents is 38 with 33% of the population being between ages 25–44, and 23.1% of the population are between the ages 45– 64 .

House Prices

Streetsville has a good variety of housing types within its borders, and from the point of view of the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, actually incorporates a larger area of newer homes, including the luxury homes of the Credit Mills area.

For the purposes of this page, we will only be focusing on the traditional town of Streetsville.

During 2022, the real estate market here followed the general trend in the GTA, in Ontario, and indeed in all of Canada. We saw a tremendous pivot beginning in March, 2022, when interest rates started to rise.

Sales and prices for detached homes, semi-detached, freehold townhouses, condominium townhouses, and condo apartments all softened over the past year.

During 2022, there were 69 detached homes sold through the MLS system, which was down from 91 the previous year.

In addition, there were 15 semi-detached, and 1 freehold townhouse that sold. We can look at detached sales:

Average Asking PriceAverage Selling PricePercentage

And here’s a complete list of detached houses sold in Streetsville Mississauga throughout 2022:

AddressAsking PriceDate Sold
124 Vista$949,90004/08/2022
93 Swanhurst$975,00012/09/2022
103 Vista $990,00006/01/2022
5921 Shandwick$998,00011/30/2022
24 Swanhurst$999,90010/31/2022
194 Wyndham$1,050,00001/30/2022
66 Bremen$1,090,00006/08/2022
27 Alphonse$1,099,00005/24/2022
37 Vista$1,100,00002/09/2022
17 Mullet$1,148,80007/02/2022
5319 Turney$1,148,80008/12/2022
5728 Turney$1,149,00010/28/2022
24 Alphonse$1,149,00012/10/2022
9 Suburban$1,190,00011/23/2022
100 Bow River$1,199,00004/06/2022
66 Theodore$1,199,88811/18/2022
71 Thomas$1,199,90008/30/2022
60 Theodore$1,200,00003/21/2022
98 Vista$1,200,00004/27/2022
115 Vista$1,200,00005/29/2022
26 Amity$1,225,00006/17/2022
15 Alphonse$1,249,00006/13/2022
2385 Belcaro$1,249,70802/22/2022
98 Vista$1,249,90009/07/2022
50 Bonham$1,250,00009/13/2022
5549 Turney $1,250,00011/15/2022
111 Vista$1,260,00009/26/2022
5555 Turney$1,288,00010/21/2022
5435 Turney$1,289,00007/24/2022
2387 Hargood$1,299,00003/14/2022
21 Swanhurst$1,299,00004/07/2022
19 Swanhurst$1,299,00009/20/2022
34 Ontario $1,299,00009/27/2022
11 Brookside$1,300,00005/27/2022
5 Joycelyn $1,300,00008/30/2022
16 Plainsman$1,329,00007/07/2022
360 Queen$1,349,00005/20/2022
292 Queen$1,349,00007/18/2022
8 Ardsley$1,360,00007/11/2022
15 Queen$1,375,00009/03/2022
14 De Jong$1,379,00002/18/2022
87 Vista$1,379,00003/30/2022
93 Thomas$1,389,00005/28/2022
66 Hammond$1,399,00002/22/2022
46 Alpha Mill$1,399,00004/25/2022
120 Vista$1,400,00004/12/2022
14 Alphonse$1,400,00005/26/2022
28 Earl$1,449,00003/18/2022
364 Queen$1,500,00009/07/2022
8 Shady Lawn$1,500,00004/06/2022
58 Swanhurst$1,590,00001/30/2022
27 Mill$1,599,00009/08/2022
5887 Rayshaw$1,599,90003/16/2022
9 Oakington$1,600,00006/03/2022
13 Alphonse$1,600,00010/15/2022
6410 Coachford$1,658,00002/18/2022
5459 Mcfarren$1,750,00005/16/2022
34 Kenninghall$1,785,00006/17/2022
81 Hammond$1,798,00007/20/2022
20 Queen$1,799,00002/22/2022
33 Callisto$1,800,00004/26/2022
13 Shady Lawn$1,809,99912/29/2022
2413 Hargood$1,850,00004/21/2022
14 Pine Cliff$1,999,99902/22/2022
22 Joymar$2,198,88802/27/2022
5534 Turney$2,249,90005/17/2022
278 Hillside$2,299,00006/06/2022
76 Morgon$2,768,88801/19/2022
26 Pioneer $2,999,99802/16/2022

In addition to these “freehold” properties sold in 2022, there were also 57 condominium properties sold (down from 85 in 2021), of which 47 were townhouses, 6 were condo apartments, and 4 were detached single family homes that are condominiums.

queen street south streetsville
Looking south along Queen Street


Streetsville is both a tourist attraction and a charming, historic neighbourhood in Mississauga, Ontario.

With its rich history, landmarks, beautiful parks, diverse dining options, and tight-knit community, this part of Mississauga is the perfect place for anyone looking for small town charm and a slower pace of life.

Whether you’re a local resident or just visiting for the day, Streetsville is a place that will charm you.

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