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The Charm and History of Streetsville

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Streetsville is a historic neighborhood located in the northwest part of of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, with roots going back the the early 1800’s.

This charming small town within the city of Mississauga is situated along the banks of the Credit River, straddling both sides of the waterway, although the majority of the town is located on the west side.

Streetsville was its own town prior to the 1974 amalgamation that formed the City of Mississauga, and it has vigorously maintained its small town charm by retaining a large number of heritage buildings in the town centre.

Streetsville has also grown in recent years, with the addition of modern shopping malls, offices, and a busy GO Train station. Check out our article on the top 6 things to do in Streetsville.

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Streetsville GO Station
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As of 2021, Streetsville’s population is approximately 68,00 people, and it is part of Mississauga’s overall population of approximately 750,000.

The majority of Streetsville residents own their own homes (85%) with more than half of adult residents holding a university or college degree. The area has excellent schools, and you can read our review here: Schools in Streetsville.

The average household income of Streetsville residents is $124,255 and the area boasts a 5.6% unemployment rate.

As with most of Mississauga, nearly half of Streetsville residents are identified as visible minorities including East Indians, South Asians and Chinese. Statistically, the average house in Streetsville has 3.4 bedrooms, and the average household consists of three people per home.

The average age of Streetsville residents is 38 with 33% of the population being between ages 25–44, and 23.1% of the population are between the ages 45– 64 .

House Prices in Streetsville

Streetsville has a good variety of housing types within its borders, and from the point of view of the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, actually incorporates a larger area of newer homes, including the luxury homes of the Credit Mills area.

For the purposes of this page, we will only be focusing on the traditional town of Streetsville.

During 2021, there was an active market for detached homes, semi-detached, freehold townhouses, condominium townhouses, and condo apartments. During 2021, there were 91 detached homes sold through the MLS system, plus 18 semi-detached, and 2 freehold townhouses. We can look at detached sales:

Average Asking PriceAverage Selling PricePercentage

And here’s a complete list of detached houses sold in Streetsville Mississauga throughout 2021:

AddressAsking PriceDate Sold
92 Bonham$799,00004/09/2021
92 Bonham$949,90007/25/2021
38 River $989,00006/25/2021
366 Queen$998,00005/17/2021
34 Earl$999,00003/23/2021
29 Arch$999,00005/13/2021
8 Suburban$999,00006/10/2021
28 Joymar$999,50003/08/2021
5 Pine Cliff$999,90003/29/2021
32 Ellesboro$999,90005/18/2021
19 Bowshelm$999,90006/02/2021
8 Arch$999,99002/25/2021
47 Kenninghall$999,99004/14/2021
12 Arch$999,99009/07/2021
26 Earl$999,99903/05/2021
4 Wareham$999,99903/06/2021
8 Charing$999,99904/14/2021
63 Suburban$999,99905/27/2021
5 Queen$1,019,98806/11/2021
25 Falconer$1,050,00005/28/2021
40 Suburban$1,089,00008/27/2021
10 Hopedale$1,090,00005/31/2021
2 Ellesboro$1,099,00003/31/2021
5 Ellesboro$1,099,00006/16/2021
137 Vista$1,100,00006/24/2021
18 Sora $1,100,00007/22/2021
125 Vista$1,149,80003/19/2021
6441 Coachford$1,180,00004/13/2021
14 Charing$1,189,00002/15/2021
48 Alpha Mill$1,189,00003/17/2021
82 Vista$1,189,90010/04/2021
71 Joymar$1,190,00010/07/2021
97 Vista $1,199,00002/09/2021
3 Arch$1,199,00003/10/2021
10 Shady Lawn $1,199,00003/16/2021
5871 Rayshaw$1,199,00008/13/2021
15 Donata$1,199,00009/27/2021
5513 Turney$1,199,00009/25/2021
97 Vista$1,199,00012/01/2021
13 Dunray$1,200,00006/15/2021
22 Arch$1,200,00008/11/2021
309 Queen$1,200,00012/14/2021
3 Kenninghall$1,208,80006/29/2021
36 Vista$1,249,90003/23/2021
1776 Bristol$1,250,00002/19/2021
6 Shady Lawn$1,250,00006/15/2021
20 Joseph$1,255,00005/14/2021
5920 Shandwick$1,288,00007/01/2021
17 Pioneer$1,288,88803/03/2021
60 Suburban$1,289,80002/17/2021
5712 Turney$1,289,90008/29/2021
1471 Ravensmoor$1,299,00001/18/2021
62 Bowshelm$1,299,00006/05/2021
260 Hillside$1,299,00009/09/2021
1919 Britannia$1,299,00011/08/2021
6402 Coachford$1,299,50004/26/2021
35 Suburban$1,299,90004/14/2021
31 Joymar$1,299,99910/14/2021
5669 Turney$1,300,00002/27/2021
20 Joycelyn$1,300,00006/01/2021
58 Ruttledge$1,300,00007/31/2021
55 William$1,300,00011/02/2021
97 Vista$1,319,90006/15/2021
11 Plainsman$1,339,00003/25/2021
13 Brookside$1,349,50010/06/2021
7 Isherwood$1,349,90009/10/2021
38 Kenninghall$1,350,00003/15/2021
5903 Rayshaw$1,389,00007/08/2021
50 Suburban $1,395,00005/31/2021
28 Plainsman$1,398,00006/08/2021
345 Queen$1,399,50011/23/2021
5538 River Grove$1,399,90001/06/2021
339 Queen$1,425,00001/11/2021
5943 Turney$1,450,00003/31/2021
26 Kenninghall$1,450,00008/05/2021
5895 Rayshaw$1,489,80006/29/2021
77 Bowshelm$1,499,00001/23/2021
19 Gafney$1,499,00002/22/2021
2 Brookside$1,500,00003/18/2021
3 Otterburn$1,599,00008/04/2021
16 Rapallo$1,599,00011/29/2021
5406 Turney$1,650,00002/15/2021
5424 Turney$1,699,00005/06/2021
5660 Turney$1,790,00011/23/2021
9 Plainsman$1,999,00012/17/2021
187 Wyndham$1,999,99909/06/2021
20 Sora$2,095,00001/28/2021
365 Queen$2,188,00003/06/2021
79 Thomas$2,398,00001/11/2021
5406 Turney$2,679,90011/18/2021
25 Theodore$2,799,90008/27/2021

In addition to these “freehold” properties sold in 2021, there were also 85 condominium properties sold, of which 76 were townhouses, 5 were condo apartments, 2 were detached condos, and 2 were semi-detached condos.

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