Top 100 Neighbourhoods to Invest in Canada

top 100 neighborhoods to invest

Every year Canadian Real Estate Magazine publishes a special national guide for real estate investors. A while back I was asked to contribute information on 3 Mississauga neighbourhoods – Clarkson, Cooksville, and Meadowvale Village.

Excellent news that Mississauga has been recognized as one of the top places to invest in Canada!

Here is the published article on Mississauga, from Canadian Real Estate Wealth – a special edition of Canadian Real Estate Magazine, covering the top 100 Canadian neighbourhoods to invest in.

Clarkson, Cooksville

Top 100 Neighbourhoods for Real Estate – Mississauga Clarkson Cooksville by Randy Selzer

Meadowvale Village

Top 100 Neighbourhoods for Real Estate Investing pt2 Mississauga MeadowvaleVillage by Randy Selzer

Top 100 Neighbourhoods – Video Overview

I also invite you to check out my video overview Top 100…. which goes over the project in some detail.

So there you have it. A great many people have made a great deal of money investing in real estate across the Greater Toronto Area. If you think you would like to be a part of this, we can help. Want to make the right decision and only invest in the best areas? Want to avoid choosing the wrong property type or location?

Canadian Real Estate Magazine has recognized my experience and expertise when it comes to investing. Although the local market is high, there are still opportunities out there that can help you to make your financial goals. We can help to guide you in the right direction, to find and acquire excellent real estate investments! If you’d like to chat, simply click here.

Follow this link for more information about homes for sale in Clarkson, including the Rattray Marsh.

Top 100 Neighborhoods to Invest in Canada
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Top 100 Neighborhoods to Invest in Canada
Top 100 Neighborhoods to invest in Canada includes Mississauga Clarkson, Cooksville, and Meadowvale Village.
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Randy Selzer - Real Estate Agent
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