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Streetsville is a local neighborhood located in the northwest part of of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and it is situated along the banks of the Credit River. Although Streetsville occupies both sides of the river, the majority of the town is located on the west side.

Streetsville was its own town prior to the 1974 amalgamation that formed the City of Mississauga, and it has vigorously maintained its small town charm by retaining a large number of heritage buildings in the town centre. Streetsville has also grown in recent years, with the addition of modern shopping malls, offices, and a busy GO Train station.

GO Train Station Streetsville
Go Train Station Streetsville Mississauga


As of 2019, Streetsville’s population is approximately 65,00 people, and it is part of Mississauga’s overall population of approximately 750,000. The majority of Streetsville residents own their own homes (85%) with more than half of adult residents holding a university or college degree.

The average household income of Streetsville residents is $124,255 and the area boasts a 5.6% unemployment rate. As with most of Mississauga, nearly half of Streetsville residents are identified as visible minorities including East Indians, South Asians and Chinese. Statistically, the average house in Streetsville has 3.4 bedrooms, and the average household consists of three people per home.

The average age of Streetsville residents is 38 with 33% of the population being between ages 25–44, and 23.1% of the population are between the ages 45– 64 .

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real estate agent Streetsville Mississauga
Streetsville Mississauga

Buying and selling a home is one of the largest financial transactions that most people will do in their lifetimes. However, some homeowners like to cut corners and save on expenses when it comes to getting their home sold. They do this by choosing the cheapest agent they can find, or trying to sell the house themselves (For Sale by Owner). This is one of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can do.

When a homeowner hires a discount real estate agent to carry out the job, more often than not they get substandard work done.

Homeowners often come out ahead by working with a full service real estate agent in Streetsville rather than hiring the cheapest discount broker to do the job. Here are some reasons why.

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Reasons Why You Should Work With a Professional Realtor

They’re Knowledgeable – a professional real estate agent in Streetsville Mississauga has the required knowledge and experience in selling and buying property. This means that they can help you to better manage the entire home selling process, help you to price it right, eliminate any unpleasant surprises, and move successfully to your next home.

Experienced agents have a wide array of skills and benefits that help you to sell faster, and for more money.

  1. Accurate Pricing – the most important part of selling any home is to price it right at the start. Professional realtors eliminate the guesswork by providing a detailed analysis of other local neighborhood sales, providing comparatives which point to the right price for listing your home.While inexperienced agents may puff up the price to get your business, they are not doing you any favors, because even in today’s healthy market, pricing too high can prevent the successful sale of your home. Likewise, pricing the property too low leaves money on the table. Pricing accurately is paramount to getting the home sold successfully.
  2. Effective Marketing – selling real estate effectively is not a simple job and most real estate agents understand this. Today’s marketplace demands professional images of your home, virtual tours, staging, exact precise features of the home presented in an attractive way, with attention to details. Online presence is most important, and the best agents know the right ways to showcase your home to get an offer. The best professional realtors in Streetsville Mississauga know how to do this and strive to add value to meet the needs of your family.
  3. Expertise with Offers – perhaps the most essential quality for a professional realtor is expertise in handling offers. Experienced agents know how to handle multiple offers, low ball offers, and lack of an offer! They know the best way to handle a counter offer, and strategies for getting you the best price possible, in the time frame that you want.
  4. Trusted Associate Team – a professional realtor usually has a team of associates that can provide you with “one stop shopping”. Home stagers, home inspectors, mortgage professionals from both the banks, and from independent mortgage brokers, lawyers, contractors, cleaners, and movers are part of a team that can help you to successfully sell your home, without having to search for services on your own. Selling real estate often involves unique properties that come with their own challenges, from less desirable locations, to defects in the house. Experienced agents know how to overcome these challenges.
  5. After Sale Support – a top real estate agent in Streetsville will approach the sale of your home methodically and professionally with the aim of achieving consistent quality all through the process. The best agents will then keep in touch with you, not only through closing, but also down the road for all your future real estate needs. If you are a buyer looking for houses for sale in Streetsville, or if you have a property to sell, it is best to let a trusted local real estate agent handle the job for you.

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Streetsville Mississauga
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