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Abbey Park High School Oakville
Abbey Park High School


The following information will help you to determine:

1.) what are the best high schools in Oakville, Ontario?

2.) what are the best elementary schools in Oakville?

We utilize data from the Fraser Institute, who, using certain methodologies, measure elementary, middle, and high school academic performance for Ontario, and other parts of Canada.

The Fraser Institute’s Report Card on Ontario Schools provides Oakville parents an idea of where their children’s school ranks against the rest.

The Report, recently updated for elementary schools in 2019, ranks all schools in Ontario based on their results in the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) standardized tests. A score out of 10 is given and compared to previous years’ scores as well as previous years’ rankings.

“Of course this would only be one source of information for parents,” said Peter Cowley, Director of School Performance Studies for the Fraser Institute and co-author of the report.

“This report card says nothing about fine arts, athletics, french immersion, or how schools develop leadership and citizenship amongst their kids. This will tell parents how students are doing in areas of basic skills in which the province tests them.”

The Oakville school rankings also allow parents to monitor any significant trends for increases or decreases in the test scores, Cowley said.

Despite caution from many observers that the Report is only a single measure of any school’s effectiveness, one can nevertheless gain some insight as to the academic credentials of Oakville’s schools, and how they measure up against each other.

Oakville High School Rankings

Abbey Park Secondary School Oakville
Abbey Park Secondary School Oakville

High school ranking results at this time are based on the 2016-2017 EQAO results. First column on the left is the rank of each school against the entire Province of Ontario’s seven hundred and forty seven secondary schools. Second column is the average overall provincial rank over the past five years. From this chart, you can see that Abbey Park High School in the Glen Abbey neighbourhood is the highest rated secondary school in Oakville, and it in fact ranks second in the entire province, out of all high schools. Abbey Park and Oakville Trafalgar High School have battled for the top spot over the last while, but this year, Abbey Park High School came out on top as the best high school in Oakville.

2016/175 yr avg
5 yr avg
29Abbey Park9.28.9
119Oakville Trafalgar8.98.9
2512Iroquois Ridge8.68.8
3342Garth Webb8.58.1
4336White Oaks8.38.3
5970Thomas A Blakelock8.07.8
84n/aSte. Trinite7.8n/a
13087Ste. Ignatius of Loyola7.57.6
217n/aGaetan Gervais7.0n/a
246104St. Thomas Aquinas6.97.5
355183Holy Trinity6.37.0

Oakville Elementary School Rankings

St Mildreds Lightbourn School Oakville
St Mildreds Lightbourn School Oakville

The Fraser Institute’s most recent findings on elementary and middle school ratings were released in January, 2019, and are based on 2017/2018 grade 3 and grade 6 EQAO results. When test results between schools ended in a rating tie, school rank is shown as an equal rank (left column). Some schools are not listed due to not offering both grades 3 & 6. The following list is a combination of Oakville public school rankings, and separate (catholic) school rankings. Certain private school rankings are not available due to lack of participation in the EQAO tests. The exclusion of a school should in no way be construed as a judgement of the school’s effectiveness.)

Top elementary school in Oakville is St. Mildred’s – Lightbourn, with a perfect 10 score. St. Mildred’s also scores among the top schools in the Greater Toronto Area, and this private, all-girls school is indeed, one of the top schools in Ontario. Although The Fraser Institute ranks St. Mildred’s as an elementary school, they actually provide a full schooling curriculum from pre-school and junior kindergarten, all the way through to Grade 12 inclusive.

1St. Mildred’s – Lightbourn10.0
58St. Matthew’s9.0
102E J James8.7
123Forest Trail8.6
123New Central8.6
144Pilgrim Wood8.5
163Joshua Creek8.4
194St. Joseph’s8.3
213Post’s Corners8.2
250du Chene8.1
284Maple Grove8.0
284Mother Teresa8.0
284Our Lady of Peace8.0
334St. Marguerite d’Youville7.9
388Holy Family7.8
388James W. Hill7.8
388St. Andrew7.8
388W H Morden7.8
446Pine Grove7.7
446West Oak7.7
559St. Bernadette7.5
622Emily Carr7.4
622St. Gregory the Great7.4
681Heritage Glen7.3
681Pope John Paul II7.3
681St. Joan of Arc7.3
740St. Luke7.2
796Captain R Wilson7.1
 796 Falgarwood 7.1
 796 Ste. Marie 7.1
 947 Gladys Speers 6.9
 947 St. Mary 6.9
 1096 St. Vincent’s 6.7
1246 St. Dominic 6.5
1322 Abbey Lane 6.4
1400 River Oaks 6.3
1470 Palermo 6.2
1616 Patricia-Picknell 6.0
1921 Oakwood 5.6
1921 St. James 5.6
2100 Montclair 5.3
2100 St. Michael’s 5.3

Fraser Institute

To view the complete reports by the Fraser Institute, covering Oakville school rankings, and much more, visit them online:


Oakville School directory

Here’s a great link where you can find a complete list of schools in Oakville:


containing complete school addresses, telephone numbers and interactive mapping for all Oakville schools.

Oakville has long been blessed with excellent schools, and this fact is just another reason why living in Oakville is such a pleasure.

Got questions about Oakville schools? Ask away, we are here to help!

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