Benares Historic House

For a glimpse into past eras, you can tour the beautifully restored 19th century Georgian family home at Benares Historic House Mississauga ON. Featuring original furnishings, this beautiful home is located on a stunning estate. Whether you’re looking for a historical landmark in a bustling city, or are simply interested in seeing the house’s restoration, this unique property is a must-see. It is located at 1507 Clarkson Rd N, Mississauga, ON L5J 2W8.

The late-Georgian red brick residence has undergone few changes since it was built. Today, it commands a 5.7-acre site that includes a stable and outbuildings. You’ll get a sense of rural life in Ontario through the museum’s exhibits. It was reopened as a museum in 2000 after the Ontario Heritage Trust secured a conservation easement over it.

You’ll be fascinated by the 165-year history of the house, which was the home to four generations of Harris family members. Located in a picturesque park-like setting, the historic house is packed with the original family possessions. In fact, ninety-five percent of the artifacts and furnishings in Benares are original to the Harris family. In addition to the museum, you’ll also find interpretive galleries and rotating exhibitions at the Benares Visitor Centre.

The Benares Historic House is an interesting addition to the city’s cultural heritage. The house was originally built in 1857 and fully restored in 1995. It was the home to four generations of Harris families, including the famous Mazo de la Roche. Mazo de la Roche lived in the house during the summers of 1924 and 1928, and wrote his acclaimed novel Jalna here. Today, visitors can view artifacts from his life and admire original furnishings, including family photographs. Additional info.

Another historic home in Mississauga is the Leslie Log House. The home was constructed in 1826 by Robert Leslie and later restored to reflect the life of early settlers in Ontario. It is located at 1620 Orr Road. Another popular attraction in Mississauga is the Benares Historic House, which has a rich 160-year history. The home was the home of the Harris and Sayers families for four generations. In addition, it has been restored to reflect its elegant style of the early 20th century. More info about Mississauga.

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