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Credit Pointe Gates

The gates of Credit Pointe

The executive homes in Credit Pointe constitute one of Mississauga’s best kept real estate secrets – a small, luxurious enclave of upscale homes located in the heart of central Mississauga.


Credit Pointe is tucked away in north central Mississauga, and is bounded by Eglinton Avenue to the north, Highway 403 to the south, an area parallel to Creditview Road to the east, and the Credit River and Mississauga Road to the west. Square One Shopping Centre is only a few minutes away by car, as is the Heartland shopping area, and the nearest GO Train station is Streetsville, also only a couple of minutes away.

disclosure: photos in this neighbourhood profile are for informational purposes only, and are not meant to portray or imply in any way, that these properties are for sale.

typical detached home in Credit Pointe

large lots with mature trees



The best way to describe Credit Pointe is probably “affordable luxury”. The subdivision was built primarily during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, when builders offered larger lots than the smaller ones that you get today. Credit Pointe consists of a mix of regular homes offering terrific value compared to newer subdivisions, plus larger executive homes located on premium lots, with double and sometimes even triple car garages. Credit Pointe is the type of neighborhood where many of the homes, even the more modest ones, have swimming pools. Credit Pointe can be recognized by the large sign posts at the stone gates which greet you when entering the area off of Eglinton Avenue.



The main street in Credit Pointe is a circular drive known as Credit Pointe Drive, and there are numerous tree sheltered crescents which exit off of it. Streets in Credit Pointe include Inverness, Ravensmoor, Glastonbury, Hewick’s Lane, Flamborough, Netherly, and Ballantrae.

Although almost all of the homes in Credit Pointe are executive category, comparatively good real estate values can still be found here, especially when you consider that the neighborhood is so centrally located in Mississauga. Although several streets at the southern end of the circle command a high premium, especially those backing onto the Credit River wetlands, most of the subdivision provides surprisingly good values for the sort of market we are in. In addition to the streets mentioned above, there is also Wellsborough Place, Tillingham Gardens, and Covington Terrace – three of the wetlands located streets, and all three command top prices, with most properties selling in the million dollar plus range. Turnover on these streets, as we will soon see, is very low.

large detached homes in Credit Pointe

executive homes in Credit Pointe from 3000 square feet and up



Credit Pointe is a freehold detached area – there are no condominiums, townhouses, or semi-detached homes to be found here.

luxury homes in Credit Pointe

lavish landscaping in Credit Pointe



Real estate in Credit Pointe has proven to be a good investment, with prices appreciating steadily, buoyed by a dynamic Mississauga economy, low interest rates, and continued immigration into the GTA. Turnover is fairly low – most people seem to want to stay once they live here. There were a total of only 12 sales processed through the Toronto Real Estate Board MLS throughout 2017:


Address Asking Price Sold Date Bedrooms Bathrooms
1596 Flamborough $968,888 06/28/17 3 3
4631 Glastonbury $979,600 11/01/17 3+1 4
1523 Flamborough $998,000 03/13/17 4 3
1561 Kettlebrook $999,900 03/20/17 4 3
1492 Netherly $1,088,600 06/19/17 4 3
1508 Netherly $1,099,900 12/14/17 4 4
4334 Spinningdale $1,199,000 05/06/17 4+1 4
1478 Heathfield $1,199,000 10/17/17 4+1 4
1519 Ballantrae $1,250,000 01/27/17 4+2 5
4350 Credit Pointe Dr $1,277,700 04/24/17 4+2 6
1443 Ravensmoor $1,299,600 04/12/17 4+2 4
4628 Hewicks Lane $2,699,600 11/28/17 5 5


Some additional stats for Credit Pointe in 2017:

Average asking price – $1,254,982

Average selling price – $1,292,375

Percentage selling price to asking price – 104%

Average days on the market (time it took to sell) – 12


You can see from the above numbers that there is a nice mix of affordable, and super luxury homes in this pocket of Mississauga.  The lower prices on the chart are for smaller homes by square footage, and you can see that the entry prices into this subdivision are relatively attractive – hence the tag “affordable luxury”. Prices generally increase as the size of the property increases, so there is plenty of room for upgrading.

I hope you have enjoyed my short profile and review of the fine homes of Credit Pointe. This is the first in a series of articles that will feature reviews and photos of the luxury neighborhoods of Mississauga.


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